Who is AFIA

About AFIA

The Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) is the peak body for the Australian fodder industry connecting all sectors of the supply chain from seed to feed.

Since AFIA was established in 1996 our network has worked to help the fodder industry grow through sharing information, assisting trade, and promoting research and development. We also work closely with government regulators to ensure our members have a favourable environment to do business in.

In 2007 the fodder industry had an estimated value of $1.5 billion, a figure that continues to grow assisted by AFIA’s work. Over the past 15 years the export industry alone has grown from 100,000mt to 600,000mt of fodder products exported.

The fodder industry is one of the most important industries in Australian agriculture, underpinning production in dairy, livestock, horticulture and other intensive industries.  

What does AFIA do?

  • AFIA is the voice for the fodder industry in Australia
  • Works with government, regulators and other industry bodies on behalf of members tackling industry issues including transport, research and development, safety, and market access
  • Provides forums for the fodder industry to discuss important industry matters and concerns
  • Runs the annual Australian national fodder conference
  • Provides fodder market information
  • Provides a platform for members to actively network through events, tours and online

Our Mission

To provide leadership to the Australian fodder industry and, by engaging members and stakeholders, ensure a favourable environment for members to do business in.