Wednesday 6 November, 2013

Media Release: Feed Central


The prestigious national young dairy scientists’ communications award received a boost this week with the announcement that hay and grain quality certification and trading company Feed Central will take over naming rights of the event.



Feed Central, which has signalled its intention to broaden its focus into dairy by opening a Victorian branch in Shepparton , has welcomed the opportunity to partner with the dairy industry and help nurture the careers of emerging dairy scientists around the nation.

“We take the science and the quality of the product that we sell very seriously, especially with the dairy industry where a small difference in nutritional value can have a major difference in milk production and farm profitability, so this is an excellent fit for us,” said Feed Central Managing Director Tim Ford.

The Feed Central Young Scientists’ Communication Award is intended to progress the careers of dairy scientists, by promoting quality scientist-to-farmer interaction.

The competition finalists are initially selected for the strength of their scientific prowess via an submitted abstract, but the final round is a three-stage competition that involves preparing an article for the Australian Dairy Farmer Magazine, preparing and talking to a poster; and preparing and delivering a five minute  presentation. 

The oral presentation is delivered in a major plenary session at the Australian Dairy Conference, which is being held from February 25-27, 2014, in Geelong, while posters will be on show and finalists on hand talking to dairy farmers throughout the entire event.

Australian Dairy Conference science director Dr David Barber has welcomed the announcement and congratulated Feed Central on its preparedness to back the young dairy science community and the philosophy of bringing science and farm together.

“This is a wonderful competition and we have seen previous winners go on to achieve great heights in this industry,” Dr Barber said.

Nominations for the competition close on November 15 and nomination forms can be downloaded from

More information from ADC event manager Esther Price on 0418 931 938.