Media Release: Primary Producers South Australia

Date: Thursday 13 February, 20174


SA Fire Recovery Assistance


Primary Producers SA (PPSA) and Livestock SA are working together to create a register to match donations of assistance with those most in need.

PPSA Chair Rob Kerin said, “Last week was a very difficult week for many SA landholders. We greatly appreciate the huge efforts of the CFS Volunteers, and without them the damage would have been much worse. However, there are still significant losses of stock, infrastructure, fences and feed”.


Livestock SA Chair Richard Halliday added, “It is a difficult time for many livestock owners, and we would like to facilitate assistance to ensure that feed and fencing needs are met. I encourage those more fortunate to consider how they may assist”.


PPSA and Livestock SA would welcome any donations of:

·         Grain

·         Hay

·         Agistment

·         Fencing Materials

·         Volunteer help with clean up or fencing


We also invite those who have suffered losses to register. In the first instance, fencing requests should be restricted to boundary fences which are not insured.

Both Mr Kerin and Mr Halliday said that SA farmers had a proud record of helping each other out in a time of need, and acknowledged the many who have already hopped in to help their colleagues at this difficult time.


Livestock SA is the peak body for sheep and cattle. PPSA is the peak body for primary producers in SA, of which Livestock SA is one of the six major commodity groups who are members.

Please contact PPSA or Livestock SA on 08 8297 0899 or 08 8297 2299 to register for assistance or to register donations and/or your time.


Contacts: Rob Kerin Chair Primary Producers SA – Mob: 0439 933 103

Richard Halliday President Livestock SA – Mob: 0428 854 759