Make October 25 the day you ask the question, R U HaySafe?

Accidents happen in less than a split second.

Take 5 on October 25

to make sure your workplace is


Each worker following up on just one action from the checklist below could save someone in your workplace from injury or death.



  • Machinery is securely shutdown before maintenance occurs.
  • Adequate safety guards are fitted to machinery.
  • Fire extinguishers and first aid kits are functional and located close to baling operations.
  • Prominent signage warning of the dangers of falling bales clearly displayed in hay sheds.
  • Prominent signage warning of the dangers of moving vehicles displayed in hay sheds.
  • Warning signs clearly displayed on all machinery
  • Plant operators are familiar with relevant safety procedures.
  • Dry flammable crop materials are regularly removed from build-up areas on machinery.
  • Operators are familiar with changing work environments and possible hazards such as power lines and poles.