Fodder Care

Supported by New Holland

Fodder Care is an AFIA initiative that aims to supply information and tools to AFIA members and the wider fodder industry to help people produce high quality Hay and Silage.

The other key aim of Fodder Care is to help producers better describe their hay and silage and to communicate that information with their customers.

While this can be done in a number of ways AFIA recommends producers use the Fodder Care online service. This is a web based tool that lets producers record relevant information about their hay and silage in an easy to use internet based system.

Fodder Care helps you to record the important information about your fodder;

    • Paddock inspection records – inspection for hazards and potential contaminants
    • Chemical application records –  record the rates and date of application of chemicals
    • Harvest records – information on raking, conditioning and baling and storage location
    • Feed analysis – nutritional parameters of your product if a feed analysis has been carried out.

    This information is then used to produce vendor declarations to help you market your fodder and ensure that your customers have all the information they need.

    Training to use the online service is delivered through an online video Fodder Care demonstration video:

    Subscription and access to the Fodder Care online service is available to all Australian hay and silage producers;

    AFIA Members $99 and

    Non Members $199

    For more information contact the AFIA office on 03 9670 0523