The Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) has a considerable resource ‘library’ of materials of relevance to the fodder industry.

We generate weekly, monthly and quarterly information for our members and stakeholders, in the form of the Hay Report produced in partnership with Dairy Australia, our e-newsletter AFIA News, and our Focus on Fodder magazine – and you can find them all here!

We are also in the process of revising and updating our fact sheets, which will be made available over the coming months.

Hay Report

The Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) researches and delivers a Hay Report to Dairy Australia 40 times per year.

AFIA recognises the importance of fodder/supplementary feed to our livestock sectors. Our years of experience help us measure the impact that seasonal conditions, such as drought and fire, can have on the supply and price of fodder – and the flow-on effects this has to critical farm business decisions across the country.

Our Hay Report aims to place ‘real time’ data in the hands of farmers to support informed decision-making to drive sustainable on-farm profits.

The Hay Report is a partnership between Dairy Australia and the Australian Fodder Industry Association, produced by AFIA under contract for DA.

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Hay Report – 22 September 2023

Hay Report – 22 September 2023

READ THE FULL REPORT HERE. NATIONAL SUMMARY Driving Prices Up As has been the case for a while, the ongoing dry conditions in the north of the country continue to drive demand and price. Though this is currently being expressed as a holding of the current pricing rather than pushing prices up....

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Past Reports

Hay Report – 25 August 2023

READ THE FULL REPORT HERE. NATIONAL SUMMARY Driving Prices Up The ongoing dry conditions is parts of QLD and Northern NSW continue to drive demand...

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Fodder Care

Supported by New Holland

Fodder Care is an AFIA initiative that aims to supply information and tools to AFIA members and the wider fodder industry to help people produce high quality Hay and Silage.

The other key aim of Fodder Care is to help producers better describe their hay and silage and to communicate that information with their customers.

While this can be done in a number of ways AFIA recommends producers use the Fodder Care online service. This is a web based tool that lets producers record relevant information about their hay and silage in an easy to use internet based system.

Fodder Care helps you to record the important information about your fodder;

    • Paddock inspection records – inspection for hazards and potential contaminants
    • Chemical application records –  record the rates and date of application of chemicals
    • Harvest records – information on raking, conditioning and baling and storage location
    • Feed analysis – nutritional parameters of your product if a feed analysis has been carried out.

    This information is then used to produce vendor declarations to help you market your fodder and ensure that your customers have all the information they need.

    Subscription and access to the Fodder Care online service is available to all Australian hay and silage producers.

    For more information contact AFIA via email:

    Fodder Briefs

    Curing Quality Hay

    Knowledge, patience and experience Properly curing hay is critical for high quality hay that is not likely to combust....

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    Harvesting Rice Straw

    An alternative feed source during drought Alternative feed sources are in high demand during drought in Australia....

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    Safety Information

    Training Your Workers

    Fodder Safety Brief Training your workers is the valuable first step toward a safe work place.  For most farmers it is...

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    Victorian Export Inquiry

    AFIA Submission into the INQUIRY INTO THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR INCREASING EXPORTS  OF GOODS AND SERVICES FROM REGIONAL VICTORIA      On Thursday 17 April, 2014 AFIA made a submission to the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into...

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