Tracking Hay Fires

Hay fires impact fodder businesses and the agriculture supply chain, particularly the livestock industries, in addition to utilising the resources of emergency services personnel.

Over the Spring 2023 to Summer 2024 period, reports of hay fires seem to be much higher than previous seasons. AFIA is currently collating a list of hay fires across the country for this period, and we would welcome your input. We have captured the following information below. If you are aware of other hay fire events we would welcome your input via email

We will examine this information with the aim of engaging with the broader supply chain to see how we work together the tackle this issue to solve and stamp out hay fires.

Reports indicate that between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023 the CFA responded to almost 52 haystack related fires. Between 1 October and 30 November, the NSW Rural Fire Service has attended 18 haystack fires across the NSW RFS Southwestern Area Command.

DateLocationFire typeHay Type
4 September 2023Falcons Track, Ingliston VICHaystack 
13 October 2023Yarloop, WAHayshed approx. 100 round bales 
25 October 2023Clunes Road, Creswick VICHaystack 
24 October 2023Gregadoo East Road, Gregadoo, NSWHaystack approx. 20 square bales 
24 October 2023Tennison Lane, Lockhart, NSWHaystack approx. 40 square bales 
28 October 2023Arumpo Rd, Arumpo NSWHay shed approx. 800 bales 
31 October 2023Hanging Rock Rd, Uranquinty, NSWHaystack approx. 60 large square bales 
7 November 2023Kerang, VICHay shed and stacks 1832 bales 
7 November 2023Swan Hill, VICHaystack 
20 November 2023Fouldon, QLDHaystack 
20- 23 November 2023Jackson Road, Beazleys Bridge, VICHay shed 
30 November 2023Inglewood Road, Forest Hill NSWHay shed approx. 300 square bales 
1 December 2023Douglas Road, Murchison East VICHay shed 
13 December 2023Oura Road, Oura NSWHay shed approx. 300 bales 
20 December 2023Kyabram VICHaystack approx. 300 square bales 
31 December 2023Will Road, Bangham, SAHaystack 
13 January 2024Crawford Road, Tatura VICHay shed approx. 700 bales 
14 January 2024Wilson Road, Wyuna VICHaystack 
16 January 2024Coomboona Road, Coomboona VICHay shed approx. 1200 square bakes 
17 January 2024Tantanoola, SAHaystack approx. 400 square bales 
7 January 2024Oxley Bridge Road, Uranquinty NSWHay shed approx. 400 square bales 
28 January 2024Heards Rd, Wonwondah VICHaystack 
30 January 2024Katamatite-Nathalia Rd, Nathalia, VICHaystack 
30 January 2024Olsen Rd, KoondrookHaystack 
31 January 2024Murdoch Rd, Kooloonong, VICHaystack 
1 February 2024Forest Road, Whitton NSWHaystack 
1 February 2024Pyramid Hill, VICHaystack  
1 February 2024Pinegrove Highett Road, Mitiamo VICHaystack 
2 February 2024McManus Road, Tantonan, NSWHaystack 
2 February 2024Youngs Road, Nangus NSWHaystack 
2 February 2024Tyntynder Central Rd, Tyntynder, VICHaystack 
3 February 2024Geranium, SAHaystack 
3 February 2024Kow Swamp, Leitchville. VICHaystack 
4 February 2024Pulleine Road, Nairne, SAHay shed approx. 100 bales 
4 February 2024Three Chain Road, Mitre, VICHaystack 
5 February 2024Hopetoun-Walpeup Rd, Patchewollock, VICHaystack