Thursday 31 October, 2013

Grevillia Ag

Media Release: Reducing risk when baling frost damaged winter cereal crops.

Major frost damage to cereal crops across north-eastern Victoria and the Southern and Central Riverina has devastated significant areas of cereal grain crops. Whilst the impact of frost damage is variable a large amount of these mature crops will be baled. Hay and Silage specialists Grevillia Ag are encouraging growers and contractors to seek advice when working with high moisture hay, in order to avoid hayshed fires this season.

 “Our experience is that  frosted crops may be hard to dry down, with moisture remaining in stems, nodes and heads, and this can be a major problem in causing shed fires, as seen in 2007 to 2009” said Marketing Manager for Grevillia Ag, Rod Hibberd.

 Due to the large yielding crops this year, growers and contractors are faced with the challenge of trying to dry big windrows.

“There are options to help avoid the risk when faced with high moisture in bales, resulting from issues with big windrows.” Mr Hibberd said. “Si-Lac Extra Inoculant, applied as bales are being made, is proven to help avoid heating in bales and stop moulds, when baling up to 25% total moisture (stem and dew).”

With many contractors likely to be working in areas where this frost damage has occurred, early identification and weighing up options for lowering risk is critical.

“Grevillia Ag is experienced with the issues growers and contractors will be facing this year and we are able to provide useful information, such as options for working with high moisture hay, and how to use inoculants properly” Mr Hibberd continued.

”Growers and contractors will need to act quickly to ensure the best quality hay is captured in the bale, however they need to be informed to make sure the job is done properly. We encourage anyone seeking information to contact us directly.” Mr Hibberd concluded.

Any growers or contractors who would like more information on working with high moisture hay, Si-Lac Extra hay inoculantor Air-tech Wirelesscontrolled applicators are encouraged to visit the Grevillia Ag website contact Grevillia Ag direct on 1300 669 556.

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