Hay Supply Listing

  • In response to enquiries, AFIA is providing this hay supply listing.
  • AFIA encourages all farmers to source supply as early as possible and/or review stocking levels.
  • AFIA as a national membership and advocacy organisation does not intend to engage in the sale, marketing or recommendation of any fodder or vendor. AFIA’s aim here is simply to serve as a ‘match maker’ to assist those seeking fodder to find supply.
  • AFIA encourages all buyers to secure a feed test before making purchasing decisions.
  • While AFIA cannot solve the current dry conditions, AFIA believes as a result of its Fodder, R,D&E Stocktake, that a number of opportunities exist to build long-term resilience and drought preparedness, as it applies to fodder. This has been reinforced by the engagements we have had regarding the Report which have resulted in an overwhelming sense of agreement with the Report’s findings. AFIA remains disappointed that despite numerous drought-related projects across the country, fodder appears not to be a priority for national strategic investment, resulting in an ongoing ‘cycle’ of fodder only coming into focus during ‘crisis times’.
  • Hay sales listings on this site are included free of charge for AFIA members. Non-members are welcome to join AFIA or pay a fee to have a listing included. To arrange a non-member listing, please contact Jayne Gleed on events@afia.org.au
  • AFIA will continue to update this webpage by Friday morning each week, to support those seeking fodder supply. If you wish to be kept updated please join our mailing list here 





Fodder type



Name: Michael Horton

Number: 0447 224 077

  • 2nd grade Lucerne hay (in 8 x 3 x 3 bales)

Other fodder available:

  • A1 Lucerne silage (in 4 x 4 rounds)


Name: Louis Kelly

Number: 0447 787 929 or (03) 5888 1634

  • Oaten Hay (non-export grade, shedded and unshedded)


Name: Stuart Schifferle

Number: 0428 413 581

  • Lucerne Hay
  • Vetch Hay
  • Shedded Large Squares

Feed tested – Transport available



Name: Shaun Hann

Number: 0429 097 152

  • Barley Hay (Bale Barons)
  • Lucerne
  • Rhodes Grass
  • Wheaten Straw
  • Wheaten Hay



Name: Logan Contracting (Simon Wilton)


  • Vetch Hay
  • Oaten Hay
  • Rye Hay
  • Wheaten Straw
  • Barley Straw

Based on Cobden, Vic but service all of Victoria and Southern NSW. All hay delivered direct to farm.


Name: Jacob Marshall

Number: 0429471785

  • All varieties

Freight available to east coast states


Name: Jarrod O’Sullivan

Number:  0413 777 973

  • Cereal Hay,
  • Lucerne/Rye Hay
Other fodder available:
  • Straw (Header Trail)

Freight available to all areas


In addition the following are national hay supply platforms that are available to source fodder.

National hay sales/platforms



 Fodder Types

Feed Central

Listings For Sale – Feed Central

Get Your Feed Test Kit – Feed Testing | Feed Central

1300 669 429


Fodder Link


1800 363 337


Hay Australia

Ainsley Mikkelsen Enquiries for WA / SA / QLD / NSW / TAS
+61 437 615 642
Ajay Agarwal Enquiries for VIC
+ 61 417 276 465
  • Oaten hay
  • Wheaten hay
Can provide feed test results on request.

National sales platforms (hay and other)

Farm Tender


 1300 327 646