MEDIA RELEASE: The Australian Fodder Industry Association

Thursday 7 November, 2013

Patience the key to curing hay this season

With the fodder season underway and everyone under pressure to get the crop baled the Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) is reminding growers and contractors to be patient and make sure that hay is properly cured before baling to avoid haystack fires.


 “There’s a lot of hay being made this season and so far we’ve had a patchy start in parts of Western Victoria and South Australia due to unfavourable weather conditions” said AFIA Executive Officer Darren Keating.

“It is easy for hay growers and contractors who are under pressure, to rush hay into the bale before it is ready. This year especially AFIA wants remind anyone making hay that they need to be patient and ensure that hay is properly cured” Mr Keating said.

“Hay that hasn’t been properly cured can pose a risk when handling the hay if bales slump or move, it increases the risk of hayshed fires and can compromise the quality” continued Mr Keating.

Anyone who is unsure about curing hay should talk to their local agronomist or work with an experienced contractor to make sure the crop is ready to be baled.

“The curing process takes time, there is no set number of days the hay needs to sit before it is baled, it is simply a matter of waiting until the crop is ready” Mr Keating continued.

“There are some simple tests that anyone can do to check if hay is properly cured, such as looking at head emergence and the “bulbar test”. More information on curing hay can be found on the AFIA website in the Fodder Care Fact sheet – Knowledge, patience and experience the cure for quality hay” concluded Mr Keating.


For more information or to download a copy of the Fodder Care Fact Sheet – Knowledge, patience and experience the cure for quality hay or contact the AFIA office  on 03 9530 2199.