Media Release: KUBOTA

Date: January 6, 2014

Eight for Weight, 8 – Knotters for Big Pack HDP II

Introducing Big Pack HDP II, Krone presents a new generation of high-capacity square balers that take throughput and bale density to a new level.

The new Big Pack 1290HDP II – 4’ x 3’ baler comes in addition to the Big Pack High Speed range of large square balers that was introduced in 2013 with 1290 Standard and 1290HDP 4’ x 3’. Customers around Australia have confirmed very high throughput and density rates with their High Speed machines.

So if the current High Speed range is leading the way for bale weight and productivity in today’s market, why does Krone see a need for a new baler with eight (8) knotters? The answer is that some customers around the globe have been asking for even more.

The new HDP II can bale 10% more dense bales or bales at the same bale weight but with even more productivity. This opens up new possibilities for example to the Australian export hay market as bales will be heavy enough to export them directly in containers instead of rebaling them in traditional stationary rebaling plants. It also allows users that are chasing big weights in straw to add 10% more weight on top of that of current High Density balers allowing for constant straw bale weights between 500 and 600kg.

Contractors and farmers who currently run several balers can literally replace two balers with one, as the new HDP II pumps out up to 70% more bales an hour than the original 1290 HDP baler that was introduced in year 2005, whilst not compromising on density in the process.

To enter this new dimension of performance, the machine incorporates a number of upgraded components, from the pick-up all the way down to the eight double knotters.

Here is a summary of the details: The flywheel now weighs 608kg and is backed up by an intermediate gearbox that increases its speed to 1,180rpm, boosting the performance and keeping the input power low whilst ensuring quiet running. The main gearbox is able to handle a power flow of up to 1,230KW (1,680hp). The new Big Pack also features the Active Pickup, the crop press roller and the mechanical feed roller as standard specification. The pick-up also handles extremely wide swaths and short and brittle crops.

The updated VFS Variable Filling System has its three packer arms reinforced, and its feeder arm now receives larger cam rolls, a modification that increases the capacity of the feed chamber. The packer elements themselves have been updated on the Big Pack HDP II (larger control arms, larger ball bearings, more tines on the feeder arm), which improves the crop flow and optimizes the baler’s stability and operational dependability.

Six pressure rams operate the HDP II chamber doors, the top door being operated by two 140mm rams and each of the two side doors by two 110mm rams.

8 for weight: A world first – eight double knotters

The new double knotter is a joint development of Krone and Rasspe and stands out by its new ultra-slim design which uses 20% less space compared to existing knotters. This patented solution allowed the designers to specify a Big Pack HDP II equipped for the first time ever with eight knotters rather than the traditional six, which will tie bales of up to 10% higher density without requiring the baler to travel at a lower forward speed. Or seen from another angle, eight knotters can deliver the same dependable ties at regular bale densities when forward speed increases by up to 70 percent. The twine used on the 8 knotters can be of any quality without sacrifice or alternatively the machine can be run by only feeding high quality twine to six knotters in case customers are not wanting the extra 10% density.

Smooth operation of the knotters is electronically monitored throughout the entire knotting cycle. Another innovative feature is the high-capacity knotter fan which supplements the established cleaning system that uses compressed air. The mechanical knotter fan sends a continuous flow of air to the knotters to continuously remove any debris. 54 balls of twine supply the eight double knotters with twine.

Strong convenience features


All HDP II balers are equipped with a weighing system that is integrated in the bale ramp where it determines the bale weight with an accuracy of down to 2%. Like all Krone Big Pack models, the new addition to the range features long-lasting and hard-wearing drivelines that are made up of gearboxes and driveshafts. Overload protection is provided by clutches rather than shear bolts. The entire driveline as well as the chassis has been upgraded to match the machine’s huge capacities.

Krone patent: The twine ball compartments lower hydraulically for easier refills and access for cleaning and maintenance. The compartments are locked during road transport by means of a latch and a double check valve.

With the launch of the Big Pack HDP II, Krone is introducing a new big baler that impresses by virtue of its innovative 8-knotter system, exemplary bale densities and boosted throughputs.

Big Pack HDP II technical data

Bale chamber width x height: 1,200mm x 900mm

Bale length:                             1,000mm – 3,200mm

Minimum input power:                       184kW/250hp

Twine storage capacity:          54 balls

No. of knives:                          26

Min. chop length:                    44 mm

No. of strokes/min:                 45


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