Media Release:Victorian Farmers Federation

Date:Tuesday 11 February, 2014


VFF calls for fodder donations for fire-affected farmers


THE Victorian Farmers Federation is calling for fodder donations to feed fire-ravaged farmers’ livestock.

“Our priority is getting local donations of fodder on the ground as quickly as possible,” VFF president Peter Tuohey said.

Anyone with spare fodder that they’re willing to donate should contact the VFF on 1300 882 833.

“We’re also seeking agistment and will be establishing a register on the VFF website identifying who, where and what is available.

“I’d ask that people be patient at this time. We’ll be publishing details on where and how people can obtain fodder ASAP.

“In the meantime anyone with spare fodder in or around fire-affected regions should contact the VFF.”

The VFF is working with the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries to assess and coordinate fodder in three main fire-affected regions.


Northern Metropolitan Area

“The VFF is trying to identify locals and sites in the north metropolitan region that can be used as a fodder depot,” Mr Tuohey said.

“While we’re working to assist larger landholders, there’s plenty of smaller property owners who’ll also need access to fodder. The challenge will be sourcing small square bales, that these smaller landholders can handle.”

“We’re talking to local community groups about helping co-ordinate fodder delivery in these areas.”


Wunghnu Complex (North of Shepparton, about 11,000ha)

The VFF’s dairy arm – United Dairyfarmers of Victoria – has already assessed the impact on dairy properties in the region.

The UDV is working with milk factories, and other industry stakeholders to monitor and help co-ordinate local support, which is mainly being provided by neighbours and other farmers in the region. 2


Central and East Gippsland fires

DEPI and the VFF are still assessing the local situation, but initial estimates are that close to 100 properties have been affected.

Once again the VFF is working with locals to identify and co-ordinate fodder where required.


For Fodder Donations call 1300 882 833

For more information on this media release please contact Peter Tuohey, VFF President 0428 952 425 Tom Whitty, VFF Media Manager 0417 165 784. Farrer House 24-28 Collins Street Melbourne 3000 Ph. 03 9207 5555 Fax. 03 9207 5500 e-mail.