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Krone baler and JCB Fastrac partner to create most productive and efficient baling operation

In November 2013 Hay and silage specialist Krone is currently demonstrated its new Big Pack 1290 HDP baler across NSW, Victoria and South Australia – and the company chose to partner its industry-leading machine with JCB’s Fastrac Tractor.

Krone product manager Lars Pasedag said he chose to partner the baler with the Fastrac because it could keep up with the high speed operation, had the power to contend with the heavyweight baler and offered CVT transmission which makes it easy for the operator to adjust speed by windrow.

“Krone makes the most efficient and productive baler on the market, producing bales that are 25% denser than other bales, at an exceptional speed of up to two bales per minute,” he said.

“Coupling the baler to a 8310 JCB Fastrac drives productivity and efficiency enhancements even further, with the overall result being lower operating costs and increased productivity, ultimately resulting in bigger profits for baling operations.”

Lars said hay producers in particular were looking for the fastest way to make quality bales.

“In Australia, one of the main challenges of hay baling is for the finished bale not to be too dry and chaffy. A lot of operators try to go out in the mornings or evenings when there’s a bit of moisture around, but during the day they have to stop when it gets too dry and at night they have to stop when it gets too wet. With a short daily window for quality haymaking, contractors and other hay producers want to create dense bales as quickly and efficiently as possible,” he said.

Fastrac Product Manager Dave Moselen says the Fastrac is a powerful yet versatile machine, which made it a great choice for the baler demo program.

“The JCB Fastrac offers the grunt required for a serious baling operation but still delivers excellent fuel economy.  The Fastrac gives high torque at low rpm with very low horsepower losses to the PTO, which is ideal when you need extra muscle baling on slopes and hills, or in heavy crops,” he said.

Dave also said the tractor is well designed for the night work that happens in many baling operations.

“There’s a 200 amp alternator powering eight front and six rear work lights, and with the extra work lights on the baler, lighting up the darkest paddocks is no problem.”

Dave says one of the big benefits of the Fastrac is its ability to maximise the capacity of the baler.

“The operator can perfectly match the Fastrac continually variable transmission to vary

forward speed, keeping PTO rpm at the right speed for maximum throughput.”

The Fastrac 8310 retains traditional Fastrac features that have made the line a standout since it was launched in 1991.

“When the Fastrac was launched it was the only tractor on the market with full suspension, and it still is. No other tractor can offer the productivity and safety benefits not only on the road but in the field as well.  With road speeds of up to 70 kph moving between paddocks is quick and easy.”


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