Media Release: George Weston Technologies (GWT)

Date: Monday 14 April

GWT NIR Services – Discontinuation

It is has been approximately 10 years since George Weston Technologies (GWT) started offering NIR Analytical Services. Over this time, the service has been well received by dairy farmers, advisers and the industry alike.


The dairy and fodder industries have unfortunately been drastically impacted by the unusual weather patterns, the on-going farm gate prices, fodder shortages and the need for producers to monitor and reduce operational costs to remain competitive. This in turn has affected the end user’s needs and the volume of samples tested by the industry has been decreasing steadily over the past few years.

Increased local and overseas competition in the NIR space has also made it very difficult to offer a NIR service that is highly regarded and trusted and at price that the market is prepared to pay.


With these increases in the costs of inputs and the above circumstances all NIR Analytical Services, including NIR 100, NIR 101, NIR 103, NIR Feed and Forage analysis, are no longer sustainable for GWT to offer.


It is with great regret, that I am writing to you to confirm that GWT will be ceasing its NIR Services with affect from Friday May 16th 2014.


It is important to note, that this only affects the NIR testing services of GWT. GWT will continue to offer its comprehensive analytical services for the analysis of minerals, vitamins, pesticides, antibiotics, cocciostats, fatty acid profiles etc.


What does this mean for you as an existing NIR customer?

  •          All samples received up to the above date will be tested and reported as normal.
  •          Sample/s received after the above date, will be returned to the sender.
  •          Customers are encouraged to visit the Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) website for              more information regarding other laboratory service providers offering NIR testing.


You will also need to discuss your future pricing arrangements with the provider you choose to test your future samples.


Should you require further information about the discontinuation of GWT’s NIR Services, please do not hesitate to contact Kris Giddings on either 02 9764 8121, 0405 325 916 or


Please note that if you are an existing Weston Animal Nutrition (WAN) customer, please contact

your Territory Manager or Gavin Lavers on 0417 098 996 or to discuss how these changes will affect you and your business.


 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting GWT’s NIR services over the past decade and wish you and your business all the best for the future.


Robyn Murray Food Technology and Quality Director – Weston MillingBestregards,