Since its formation in 1982, Integrated Packaging has evolved considerably to encompass a much larger array of products and services. While the old brand and logo served the company well for three decades, it doesn’t reflect exactly what it is the team can do.

“The major motivation for the rebrand was a desire to better represent the broader range of service we can offer customers,” explained Group Sales and Marketing Manager Robert Archibald. “The stretch film products we started our journey with are now part of a much broader whole, which is why this rebranding effort is so important for customer awareness and to unite our employees.”

“We can now satisfy so many more packaging demands than what we could previously, and we want that message to be recognised by new and existing clients alike.”

Uniting employees under one banner

Integrated Packaging has grown its capabilities through a number of acquisitions over the past decade, so the current rebranding is the perfect opportunity to unite the various factories and the people within them under a common brand.

These efforts are much more than a new coat of paint and a new logo. Instead they reflect a series of changes behind the scenes. The plants will be upgraded with new equipment and the office staff will have access to a top-of-the-line phone system to improve customer service responsiveness. Integrated Packaging’s customer service, distribution and Integrated Machinery Business has already relocated to a new 10,000m2 facility in Somerton.

Making an effort to communicate with clients

Integrated Packaging also sent out an independent customer survey to get a real idea of how it is performing and what some of the key areas for improving might be. This open dialogue with customers is essential to providing a better experience for them, and will be essential to shaping the success of the wider rebrand.

This commitment extends to new customers as well and the company is excited to be investing in new efforts to communicate its brand and capabilities. Ideally people will think “we didn’t know you could do that” which starts a conversation about the company’s broad range of packaging solutions.

The full scope of the rebrand won’t stay behind the scenes for long, as the company has prepared new uniforms for our sales staff, updated business cards and created a refreshed website, all of which works together to introduce the rebranded face of Integrated Packaging.

To find out more about what Integrated Packaging can offer you, get in touch with the team today.