“Balancing the diet” the focus of the third AFIA Our Place Workshop

“Balancing the diet” the focus of the third AFIA Our Place Workshop

Media Release

20 June 2017

The Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA), in partnership with TPC Agriculture, is delighted to announce their third Our Place workshop to be held at Chris and Sharon Hughes farm, 230 Egans Road, Koonwarra (near Leongatha) in Gippsland, Victoria on Thursday 29 June 2017 from 11.30am.

High production and good feed conversion is crucial for Chris and Sharon Hughes. They run a 210 cow autumn calving herd and last year the cows produced an average production of 8,000L and 650kgMS on a diet of mainly grass, grain in the bale and silage when grass supplementation was required.

Chris rolls his own pasture silage with a McHale baler and likes the control and flexibility this provides over bailing time so he can produce better quality fodder. The ultimate aim is to make the best quality fodder for the cow and when it comes time to feed out the fodder, he balances the grain inputs to manage any deficiencies.

With the support of his consultant the diet is always under assessment; when the diet is primarily grass he will add starch to soak up excess protein and when fodder is being fed out there will be more protein and energy in the grain ration to balance and make the most of the fermentable fibre in the silage.

Chris also employs biological fertiliser programs, shorter than industry average rotation lengths, feeds lots of minerals and maximises dry matter intake.

Join us on Thursday 29 June 2017 from 11.30amto learn more about:

  • Fodder production timing to improve quality.
  • Making fodder for the cow’s requirements.
  • Maximising fodder intake.
  • Balancing grain rations to available fodder.
  • How to get the most out of your cows for the best return on investment.

“AFIA is very pleased to be providing these workshops in association with TPC Agriculture, helping dairy farmers to maximise the potential of the fodder they produce or buy to get the best results from their herds,” said John McKew, AFIA Chief Executive Officer.

“This workshop, the third of ten in a collaborative effort by AFIA and TPC Agriculture, aims to assist dairy farmers in these challenging times, and we encourage AFIA members and non-members to participate in as many workshops as possible to realise their full potential,” urged Mr McKew.

To RSVP, please contact Renata Cumming from TPC Agriculture now on 0419 600 334 or via email at workshops@afia.org.au.

A free BBQ lunch will be provided on the day after the workshop.