National Hay Safe Day 2018 – Thursday 25 October

National Hay Safe Day 2018 – Thursday 25 October

Media Release

22 October 2018

National Hay Safe Day 2018 – Thursday 25 October


National Hay Safe Day, an annual event focusing on safety in the fodder industry, is on Thursday October 25.

Remember work health and safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we want everyone to take on the Hay Safe Day messages, making safety a focus and helping to prevent accidents from happening in your fodder business.

With the ongoing drought impacting many areas, a lot of fodder has and continues to be moved around the country.  For National Hay Safe Day 2018, AFIA is asking everyone involved in the fodder industry to focus particularly on transport safety, especially the loading and unloading of fodder.

Important issues to be aware of include:

  1. Trucks moving in, out and around your property; what are the risks (e.g. power lines, other machinery, people, livestock, clear and readily accessible access to the fodder stores, etc.)?
  2. The safe and appropriate use of telehandlers, loaders, forklifts, etc.
  3. Loading fodder – is the load securely strapped and safe to be on the road?  Baled or rolled hay or straw should be loaded and restrained in accordance with the Load Restraint Guide 2018 (from page 75) available via this link
  4. Unloading of fodder – is the area clear of obstructions or other potential hazards?
  5. Does everyone involved with the loading or unloading of fodder know their respective roles and responsibilities and is everyone being vigilant for any safety issues?
  6. Is everyone wearing their personal protective equipment, especially high visibility vests?
  7. Make sure everyone is accounted for and safe during times of loading and unloading of fodder.

Here are some other suggestions for you to consider for National Hay Safe Day 2018:

  1. Why not Take Ten for Tea and host a morning tea on Thursday 25 October and talk about safety in your business with your staff, family and contractors?  Invite the neighbours over and make it a social/local community occasion.  We would love to see your photos of National Safe Hay Day in action in your business.
  2. Share your National Hay Safe Day initiatives, thoughts and photos on AFIA’s social media platforms, via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using @Ausfodder
  3. Subscribe to AFIA’s new Work, Health & Safety (WHS) Program.  The program includes a user’s guide and nine risk assessments specifically developed for AFIA members and at a cost of only $100 (+ GST).  To subscribe, send an email to
  4. Please refer to the AFIA Work, Health and Safety newsletter for more information.  To access, subscribe to AFIA’s FODDER on the fly newsletter.


National Hay Safe Day is an initiative of Suzanne Woods, an AFIA member, Director, fodder grower and hay exporter from Calingiri in Western Australia. Tragically on October 25 2009, Suzanne lost her father in an accident on their farm.

For more information on safety in the Australia fodder industry please contact the AFIA office on (03) 9670 0523 or visit

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