AFIA MEDIA RELEASE: Wednesday 9 October, 2013

National Hay Safe Day – October 25

National Hay Safe Day, a day focusing on safety in the hay and silage industries is Friday October 25. In the lead up to National Hay Safe Day the Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) is asking everyone involved in the fodder industry to make time to think about safety, this hay and silage season.



‘With the 2013 fodder harvest already underway we are seeing the beginning of what will be a big year for hay and silage’ said AFIA Executive Officer Darren Keating ‘This means it will be a busy season with plenty of fodder being made and moved, and people often working long hours to keep up with the demands of the season.’

‘It only takes a split second for something to go wrong and put the safety of a business owner, employees or family members at risk’ continued Mr Keating ‘That’s why AFIA is asking everyone involved in making and transporting hay and silage to stop and consider safety throughout this season, especially on Hay Safe day.’

Hay Safe Day is the initiative Suzanne Woods an AFIA member, fodder grower and hay exporter from Calingiri in Western Australia. Tragically on October 25, 2009, Suzanne lost her father in an accident on their farm.

‘My dad’s accident demonstrated to us how quickly and silently something can go tragically wrong.  It highlighted the need to make safety a priority not only for our business, but anyone working in the fodder industry so that similar accidents could be prevented’ said Mrs Woods ‘As a way of highlighting this, and in memory of Dad, I have asked the industry to recognise October 25 as National Hay Safe Day.’

Hay Safe Day has been operating now since 2011 and is an annual reminder for anyone in the fodder industry to stop and think safety in their business.

‘It can be as simple as taking 5 minutes to talk to your employees, put up some signs or work through a basic safety check’ Mrs Woods said ‘That’s why I’m asking that everyone in the fodder industry makes some time, be it on Hay Safe Day or during October to consider safety and focus on preventing accidents from happening’.

Ms Woods created hay safety signs and a simple safety checklist that can be accessed on the AFIA website 

‘Safety is something everyone in the fodder industry needs to be tackling head on, talking about it in your business is the first step” Ms Woods said.

As part of National Hay Safe Day AFIA is encouraging people to share their safety initiatives on the AFIA facebook page (AFIA Ltd – Generation Ag) and to complete the fodder safety survey (available on the AusFodder facebook page or click here to access it) for a chance to win an AFIA vest.

For more information on safety in the fodder industry please contact the AFIA office on 03 9530 2199 or visit