Fodder Contracts

In the interests of assisting AFIA members to manage potential contracts for the supply/purchase of fodder/fodder products, AFIA has developed a “Guide to taking out fodder contracts” and a sample “Contract to supply fodder”.

We recommend using the “Guide to taking out fodder contracts” to aid you in your preparation and awareness for dealing with any contract to supply (or purchase) fodder/fodder products.  The “Contract to supply fodder” is a sample of a potential contract that could be used.  It is not mandatory that you use the AFIA “Contract to supply fodder”.

To access the AFIA “Guide to taking out fodder contracts” click here

To access the AFIA “Contract to supply fodder” click here

Please note, AFIA does not accept any liability for Contracts entered into for the sale or purchase of fodder/fodder products or for any disputation arising from a contract to supply/purchase fodder. Independent legal advice should always be sought in relation to Contracts and any disputations.