1. Who is AFIA?

The Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) is the peak body for the Australian fodder industry covering all sectors of the supply chain from the paddock to the end user.

Since AFIA was established in 1996 our network has worked to help the fodder industry grow through sharing information, assisting trade, and promoting research and development. We also work closely with government regulators to ensure our members have a favourable environment to do business in.

Our members are the Australian Fodder Industry; farmers, contractors, transporters, fodder testing labs, researchers, domestic hay traders and exporters, and we are all committed to growing the Australian fodder industry together.

2. What is the AFIA Strategic Plan for?

  • To guide decision making within AFIA
  • To set the medium to long term direction of AFIA
  • To help AFIA deliver create value for members and stakeholders
  • To ensure all projects taken on by AFIA are working to a common goal of benefiting members
  • To realise the AFIA vision an mission
  • To create Structure, Accountability & Responsibility within the organisation


That AFIA is the peak organisation representing the Australian Fodder Industry and that the Australian Fodder Industry continues to grow while being profitable and sustainable.


To provide leadership to the Australian fodder industry, and by engaging with members and stakeholders, ensure a favourable environment for members to do business in.

AFIA’s Values

The following words outline the values that will drive the way AFIA interacts with members, industry stakeholders and the wider community.

  • Collaborative
  • Fair
  • Inclusive
  • Focused on quality
  • Focused on safety

3. How will we deliver the AFIA Vision and Mission?

To ensure that the AFIA Vision and Mission are delivered in the coming 5 year period the following goals have been set.

Now – 1 year

  • Define the AFIA value proposition to members
  • Ensure quality of services delivered to members and stakeholders
  • Ensure that the AFIA committees (QEC, Fodder Care, Exporters, Transport and OH&S) operate in an effective and accountable manner
  • Strengthen relationships with relevant industry stakeholders (private and public)
  • Develop a Fodder Industry Strategic Plan
  • Stabilise membership, sponsors and income
  • Review AFIA communication tools and branding
  • Maintain a strong relationship with RIRDC

Short to medium term – 5 years

  • Maintain strong relationships and active engagement with relevant industry stakeholders (private and public)
  • Membership Growth
  • AFIA has mature and mutually beneficial relationships with our sponsors
  • Implementation of the Australian Fodder Industry Strategic plan
  • Secure a long term funding mechanism for research, development and extension in the Australian fodder industry
  • That through the work of the QEC that there is a high level of industry confidence in the Quality Evaluation as provided by AFIA endorsed providers
  • The fodder industry is recognised as excising OH&S compliance and Safe to operate in.
  • That the members of AFIA are recognised as being providers of fodder that meets industry best practice, and that worldwide Australian Fodder is seen as being a preferred product.
  • Positive transport operating environment in the fodder industry
  • Continued growth of the Export industry through development of market access in established and new markets
  • Recognition of Fodder Industry by key partners as an important aspect of Australian Agriculture eg. dairy, livestock, horticulture and other intensive industries

For further information please contact AFIA

Phone: 03 9670 0523 Email: info@afia.org.auWebsite www.afia.org.au

AFIA’s 2013-2018 Strategic Plan is available for download here.