Fodder Festival in Elmore – Tuesday 15 August, 2023.
See the latest machinery and technology in action.

The 2023 Fodder Festival is an opportunity for all entities involved in hay and silage to demonstrate their products directly to their target audience. The day will commence with machinery demonstrations. A ryegrass crop will be available for the participating machinery entities. The latter half of the day is an opportunity for non-machinery suppliers to demonstrate their tools and technologies to attendees. This will be a ‘moving event’ with the audience moving from one timed demonstration to another. In the event of wet weather, the event will move indoors and utilise the large pavilion at the Elmore Field Day site.

This program is current at 13 August 2023

National Fodder Conference in Bendigo – Wednesday 16 & Thursday 17 August, 2023
This event brings together the fodder community, government and stakeholders to discuss key issues and innovations.

The 2023 National Fodder Conference will see those engaged in the production of fodder, and fodder customers, gather to discuss and debate industry issues, new technologies and research and development opportunities. This event will take a traditional conference format with a large exhibition area indoors and an outdoor machinery display.

This program is current at 10 August 2023.