Welcome to the Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA)

We are pleased to welcome you as a member of the Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) and look forward to working with you over the year ahead to ‘seize and solve’ – seize opportunities and solve challenges – to grow the industry.

AFIA is a central hub connecting the fodder supply chain across agriculture sectors and including governments. Since its establishment in 1996, AFIA has supported the growth of the sector through:

  • the generation and analysis of industry data;
  • hosting events to support connections, learning, engagement and information sharing;
  • engagement in research and development (R&D) priorities; and
  • industry advocacy to ensure a positive operating environment both locally and globally.

We believe the fodder industry is one of the most important industries in Australian agriculture, underpinning production in dairy, livestock, horticulture and other intensive industries and it is now a significant contributor to Australian exports.


Stay up to date

To make the most of your membership in the national fodder network, we encourage you to stay up-to-date with all of AFIA’s activities through our communication channels:

  • AFIA’s website which houses all of AFIA’s resources from Hay Reports, magazines, newsletters, industry updates and factsheets, safety information and much more.
  • AFIA’s quarterly magazine, Focus on Fodder, the next edition of which you will receive in your mailbox but you can read previous versions here.
  • AFIA’s monthly electronic newsletter, AFIA News, which will land in your email inbox on the first Friday of every month but is also available on our website.


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Member Code of Conduct

The Australian Fodder Industry Association supports a culture of respect and inclusiveness, and as such all AFIA members are bound by a Member Code of Conduct, which we encourage you to familiarise yourself with here.


Your Membership

We encourage you manage your membership via our website which will allow you to manage your membership details and access our member-only resources. You can access your account here.



National Fodder Conference

This year’s National Fodder Conference will be held in Toowoomba in July, and plans are already underway for Fodder Festival 2023 in Elmore in March 2023! Details about these events and online Fodder Forums throughout the year will feature across AFIA’s communication channels. We look forward to meeting you online, in the paddock, or in Toowoomba.