Monday 25th October 2021

National Hay Safe Day!

Big, round, square or small, ALWAYS PLAY IT SAFE around hay.

National Hay Safe Day is an annual event focusing on safety in the fodder industry and it is held on 25 October each year.

Safety doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, three safety issues to consider:

1. What are the risks from trucks moving around on your property (e.g. power lines, other machinery, people, livestock, clear and readily accessible access to the fodder stores, etc.)?

2. Is the fodder load securely strapped and safe to be on the road?

3. Does everyone involved with the loading or unloading of fodder know their respective roles and responsibilities and is everyone being vigilant for any safety issues?

Safety Information

Training Your Workers

Fodder Safety Brief Training your workers is the valuable first step toward a safe work place.  For most farmers it is...

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