R U Hay Safe?

National Hay Safe Day, a day focusing on safety in the hay and silage industry, is on Tuesday October 25. In the lead up to National Hay Safe Day, the Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) is asking everyone involved in the fodder industry to run through the RU Hay Safe Conversation Checklist every day with all of your all workers/operators and family members.

With the 2016 fodder harvest already underway in some areas we are seeing the beginning of what will be another big year for hay and silage producers. A busy fodder season often means people working long hours resulting in fatigue and when this happens it’s all too easy to overlook or forget about safety, and this can have disastrous consequences.

It can only take a split-second for something to go wrong and put the safety of a business owner, employees, family members or the public at risk. That’s why AFIA is asking everyone involved in making and transporting hay and silage to take the opportunity to run through the RU Hay Safe Conversation Checklist every day.

The RU Hay Safe Conversation Checklist:

  • Know where everyone is working on the day and what they are tasked to do.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all time.
  • Avoid distractions from the job at hand; never use mobile phones or other electronic devices when operating machinery of any kind.
  • Ensure all machinery is properly and securely shutdown before any maintenance takes place?
  • Make sure there is approved and functioning safety guards fitted to all machinery.
  • Are fire extinguishers functioning and does everyone know how to operate them?
  • Are first aid kits fully stocked and located within easy access to today’s workplace?
  • Are all dry and flammable materials being regularly and safely removed from the workplace?
  • Are all workers familiar with the location of potential hazards such as power lines, poles and other possible obstructions?
  • Are all workers/operators and family members familiar with your safety procedures and what to do in an emergency?

Remember work health and safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we want everyone to take on the Hay Safe Day messages, making safety a focus and helping to prevent accidents from happening in your hay or silage business.

Don’t forget to share your National Hay Safe Day initiatives and thoughts on AFIA’s social media platforms, via Twitter @AusFodder and Facebook @Ausfodder. For further information on the Fodder Safety survey or in relation to National Hay Safe Day please contact the AFIA office on 03 9670 0523.