Media Release – 3 February 2020

Loading, unloading and stacking hay is almost second nature for those in the fodder industry.

For some, it’s a daily task and often completed without consideration of the risks.

But complacency in the workplace can lead to accidents and dangerous incidents, even for the most seasoned operators.

That’s why the Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) has developed a Hay Stacking Guide.

The resource, available free on the AFIA website, was created with everyone along the fodder supply chain in mind.

“It’s for fodder growers, customers and managers, anyone who uses hay, silage or straw,” AFIA CEO John McKew said.

“The easily accessible guide, complete with diagrams and pictures, can be used to train new employees or as a skills refresher for long-term workers or business managers.”

The Hay Stacking Guide includes best practice tips, such as stacking two bales together to reduce the chances of building an unstable stack and practical “rule of thumb” measurements to ensure stack stability.

There are also guidelines for stacking round bales, storing hay near powerlines and loading and unloading trucks and trailers.

Take a look at the guide: